Appeal point

We will make a relentless pursuit of comfort.
So that every “kokoro (heart)” gathered in COCONE can create the finest “tune”.

DESIGN CONCEPT For the enjoyment of Japanese four seasons

For your enjoyment, our guest rooms are subtly decorated with various four seasonal stories by combining 4 colors of Japanese traditional colors “Kobai”, “Chitosemidori”, “Kuchinashi”, and “Mizuasagi”, and traditional patterns of lax ornament and Edo-komon. Since each floor comes with a different seasonal theme, you can experience different season depending on the floor of your stay. Please enjoy your private time surrounded by a subtle touch of Japanese modern atmosphere.

Wish that we put in logo mark

The logo mark represents the transition of the season and the flow of time, and the four overlapped circles express the four seasons of Japan. In addition, express bud of petal; in "city heart. We put the cause of ", wish that many flowers will flower gorgeously in the future in city of Japan.

FOR LADIES For the comfortable stay of all of our female guests

We established women-only ladies' floor and offered beauty household appliances and amenity that the woman staff chose and skipped. For those who purchased our “ladies plan”, we are offering a free skin care set gentle on your skin made with naturally derived ingredients such as rice and peony that are traditionally being used in Japan. The guests can enjoy healthy and energizing breakfast made with rich amount of vegetables at the restaurant located at the first floor. We like to support your day by providing you with healthy food and environment so that you are all charged up and ready for the entire day.

HOSPITALITY To support comfortable stay of all of our guests

Our guests are greeted with a soothing sound of nature played throughout the halls and are offered with one free drink (you can choose between original blend coffee and herbal tea). For the enjoyment of relaxing time, each room is equipped with internet environment that comes with healing music, free Wi-Fi etc., and free movies. For your comfortable sleep, each room comes with a bed made by Simmons and several pillows so that you can pick according to your likes. We will continue to improve or service so that we can play the finest “tune” to the hearts of all of our guests.

Appeal point